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The canon project is a joint initiative of the Flemish Fund for Literature (Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren, or VFL) and the Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature (Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde, or KANTL).

While VFL acts as a guardian and facilitator for literary policy in Flanders, KANTL is a unique institution at the crossroads of science and culture.

Previous proposals for an updated literature canon, a project supported by experts, were hampered by a lack of determination and consultation. However, KANTL and VFL considered this enterprise so important that they joined forces to bring it to fruition. The collaboration turned out to be a very rewarding one.

A canon committee was set up within KANTL for the purpose of this project. The committee is chaired by author Erik Vlaminck. The other members are Hugo Brems, Luc Devoldere, Samuel Mareel, Willy Vandeweghe, Leen Van Dijck, Bert Van Raemdonck and Frank Willaert.

The website is comprised of valued contributions by Elke Brems, Hugo Brems, Geert Buelens, Charlotte Cailliau, Geert Claassens, Lucien Custers, Dirk Coigneau, Piet Couttenier, Guido de Baere, Dirk de Geest, August Hans den Boef, Timothy De Paepe, Georges De Schutter, Marcel de Smedt, Carl De Strycker, Luc Devoldere, Maartje De Wilde, Veerle Fraeters, J.L. Goedegebuure, Ralf Grüttemeier, Kris Humbeeck, Jozef Janssens, Patrick Lateur, Samuel Mareel, Hubert Meeus, Maaike Meijer, Lut Missinne, Anne Marie Musschoot, Karel Porteman, Joris Reynaert, Ruud Ryckaert, Koen Rymenants, Remco Sleiderink, Yves T'Sjoen, Fabian Stolk, Stefaan van den Bremt, Walter van den Broeck, Leen van Dijck, Hendrik Van Gorp, Miriam Van hee, Monika van Paemel, Bert Van Raemdonck, Marc Van Vaeck, Philip Vermoortel, Bart Vervaeck and Frank Willaert.

Many thanks go to all the authors, to Julie Florkin for the editorial work and advice regarding the texts and website, and to Nicolas Leus for his tireless dedication to this canon project.

Cartoons featured on the website are by Matthias Phlips.


We have done our best to contact all copyright holders of texts and photographic material used on this website. Please contact us if you believe that your material has been used without prior permission.


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