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What's next?

The publication of this canon is not the end of the story. It is just the beginning. This project is based on the conviction that a canon only makes sense if it is alive.

This dynamic aspect will be reflected on the website and also through all sorts of activities and publications. Below is a brief overview of what has been planned for the coming period.

  • This website will be updated permanently. Every five years, there will be a more thorough update of the actual list. The first major update is planned for 2020.
  • This website is a work in progress. The fifty (or 51) canon works remain the main focus but there will be a new section added to the website that will offer a broader context. So keep an eye on these pages as you will soon be able to read about various activities that bring the canon works to life.
  • A few months after the release of this canon in Dutch, the publisher Vrijdag published a special book version. This publication is still available from shops but you can also order it online here.
Would you like to find out more about the canon? Read all about it in Ons Erfdeel, Septentrion, and The Low Countries.
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